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"Reinventing Jenna Rose," propels the reader on a fast-paced journey through the life of a young girl, Jenna Rose, who is determined to realize her self-worth and overcome the trauma of a childhood where she was forced to be the "muse" for her child photographer father's "art." Jenna's "what now" moment arises when she is left alone in the loveless California lake house she shares with her mostly absent mother after her parents divorced. Jenna, while ransacking her mother's closet, uncovers evidence of a grandmother, whom she never knew existed living in New York City. This soon proves to be the first of many family secrets.
Seemingly, pulling courage up from her socks, Jenna resourcefully takes herself across the country and lands on the Upper West Side of Manhattan doorstep of her affluent maternal grandmother, Katherine O'Connor. Katherine, imposing at first, softens and begins to weave a tale of her own traumatic upbringing in an effort to get Jenna to open up.
Yet, with the help of a street-smart New York neighbor girl, a quirky therapist, a white German Shepherd and a story-telling grandmother, Jenna overcomes the hardships of her past, and comes into her own at the age of thirty without retaining the veil of victimhood. This sad, funny, quirky novel, is Infused with humor and literary references while relating a multi-generational family saga and legal thriller in the voice of a young woman on a courageous solo journey.